I'm 26, male and currently living in the South Coast of England

I'm vegetarian and a tattoo enthusiast

I sing in a punk/ hardcore band, Stowaway

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Cheers for the hook up Dad! Gonna keep my feet dry for Tough Mudder and the winter months!!
Photo credit @mulholland_christy 
First listen of this. Love it.
Had to be told who Caggie was but super proud of @lilliecrawley. This is a dress from a collection she designed being worn to some tv event. Literally amazing. Big things ahead for my lil sis


i don’t think i’ve ever loved a house more than i love this one. it’s absolutely perfect. muntin windows are my favourite.

oh my goddd, i want a house like this so bad.

source: mamawatters / mamawatters

Great weekend. Saturday on the boat with @mulholland_christy and a trip to oxford on Sunday to see @sophaloaf26